Monday, August 23, 2010

4.02pm (GMT+10), monday, 23rd august 2010


-ppl make mistake...

-i hope my choice wont incur another mistake, insyaAllah

-will appreciate friends that care for me.. and of course, my family...

-till we meet again...


P.S: this blog might not be updated anymore due to low number of reader and most importantly, comments!! anyhow, be worried not.. u still can contact me at my aussie number and msia number or simply email me at

funny thing--> why shud i post this entry when nobody mind about it? irony irony irony..

-just my final thought-

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Counter strike..

is the best! reminds me my high school life.. credits to Adib and Waseem.. hahhaa..enjoy killing u both!

the left-behind point... KUTU

-a couple of days ago, the Switchbackers had a talk with one another.

-bukanlah niat aku untuk membidas, akan tetapi, pabila seseorg itu xtahu or jahil mengenai sesuatu perkara, orang yg berilmu or tahu sepatutnye membimbing si jahil ini ke jalan yg lurus

-akan tetapi, orang kate, pikiranku masih lagi belum matang.. oh well, i accept that with open heart..

-but this is for you: judge yourself first bro. kalo dah matang tu, apelah salahnye take a lead and bimbing yang laen2 ni?

-worst thing ever happened in my life for this year: adelah--> belajar daripada kesilapan sendiri. alangkah baeknya kesilapan ini tidak pernah dilakukan, or dapat dibendung awal2.

-bagaimana kita nak tahu kite tgh buat silap padahal kite xtahu apa2? --> itulah fungsinya KAWAN2.. malangnya, like i said, nobody have the gut to take the lead.. what a shame..

-so kesimpulannya, pengajaran buat diriku yang paling xmatang ni--> jgnlah jadi budak baek melampau2... kalo nak tolong member, buat berpada-pada sudah... jangankan nak tolong orang sampaikan kite sendiri kene teruk2 akibatnye...


-just my thought-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

cuace yg sangat indah

pagi--> quite sejuk.. bentuk awan menarik gilee

tengah hari--> still sejuk, bentuk awan yg menarik gile mule hilang

petang--> agak panas terik. pemandangan yg sangat tenang dan spectacular

Subhanallah -={D

-just my thought-

Thursday, August 12, 2010


somehow i feel like a dumb when it comes to psychology units. yeah, im supporting the fact that science unit is much more interesting and challenging than any other study fields. this is because, when it come to science, we are creating alot of possibilities and opportunities in this world. whereas, in psychology, u are restricted to certain ideology that has been done in the past...

anyways, PSY1022 is something for me to prove to myself that actually it is not that boring though.
we'll see how it goes with my results at the end of my studies later.. =D

-just my thought-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

excuse me

excuse me, does anybody know where can i fix this broken wall? the damage is quite big (40cm width x 30cm height)... personally, i dont think the wall can be fixed. instead the whole wall need to be replaced with a new one.
Just in case you guys dont recognise this place, "start searching!"
-just my thought-

Friday, June 11, 2010

Selena Masyhur

operator: hello, this is for Selena Masyhur
me: err, sorry?
operator: are you Se-le-na masyhur?
me: oh no no no.. u got the wrong person. this is rash-yid..
operator: oh sorry
me: its alright

*call dropped..tuut tuut tuut...

P.S: sejak bile plak aku jadi warge South Africa ni? siap Selena masyhur plak tu.. haha

time: 12.20pm waktu tempatan
tempat: bilik aku daa
kejadian: tgh bace lect slide, tibe2 dpt panggilan misteri

-just my thought-